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        Changing arts policy starts with lobbying

        Why we lobby

        The arts need support. Lobbying is how we get it.

        Affecting change on a statewide level is no small task. That’s why we lobby for increased funding and support for the arts. Through our efforts, we’ve been able to establish strong partnerships with California’s top officials, secure over $101 million for the arts in 2022 alone, and help pass 3 historic investments in arts education in 2022. And we’re just getting started.

        Resources for taking action

        Action Calendar



        New legislative session – research your elected officials

        Build Relationships: Find your all elected officials. Visit their websites, find out their history, committees and what’s important to them. Stay tuned to CAA news about the Governor’s Budget.



        Introduce yourself and congratulate your elected officials

        Introduce yourself and congratulate your elected officials

        Build Relationships: Congratulate your state and local representatives for their new term or winning their election with a letter or phone call. Find your electeds and their contact info.



        Engage your community in Arts, Culture & Creativity Month!

        Act Locally: Get your city or county ready to declare April as Arts, Culture & Creativity Month - More info soon!



        Take action during Arts, Culture & Creativity Month

        Build Public WIll: Meet with your Legislators during Advocacy Day or use CFTA’s ACCM Media Toolkits to spark a social campaign, write an op-ed or plan a local press event in your community. Coming 2024!



        Engage in State Budget Advocacy!

        Budget Advocacy: Stay tuned to CAA news and CFTA campaigns or reach out to your elected officials and ask for their support for arts funding.



        Last Push for the Arts in the State Budget

        The final CA Budget will be signed by the Governor by June 15th. Be on the look out for CAA campaigns or send a quick note to your state legislator thanking them for their support.



        CAA Statement on the CA Budget

        Write letters supporting or opposing legislation that impacts the arts in your community. Send copies to the Governor and California Arts Advocates.



        Invite state representatives and grow district pride

        Build relationships: Invite your state representatives or their district staff to attend your events or openings or send them press releases about your organization.



        Take Action on Federal Funding

        Federal Funding Advocacy: Congressional appropriation bills are in full swing – be sure to plug into the AFTA Arts Action Center for advocacy opportunities.



        Connect with your Federal or State Legislators

        Build relationships: Visit your Congress member or state legislator in their district office while they are on recess. Invite them or staff members to an event.



        Tell the Governor to Invest in California’s Creative Future

        Budget Advocacy: Ahead of his January Budget announcement, send the Governor’s office an email expressing why the arts are important to your community and why he should make smART investments in California’s future.



        Act locally to increase support for the Arts

        Send a letter or set up a meeting with a local elected official to offer partnership on community issues.

        Issues we are tracking

        Lobbyists Shaw, Yoder, Antwih, Schmelzer, & Lange

        Meet our lobbyist

        When it comes to lobbying, we turn to Shaw, Yoder, Antwih, Schmelzer, & Lange. They ensure the right parties get the right messages when it matters to influence legislation and funding for the arts.

        CAA continues to lead the way in demonstrating that the arts are a vital part of our state's economy and well-being. CAA is a convener, a collaborator, and a relationship-builder.

        Sarah Weber, Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO)

        CAA Member

        Help us build awareness of the arts in California

        Our sister organization, California for the Arts, provides programs and services to make advocating for the arts easier than ever. As a 501c3, they help promote awareness of the arts, while California Arts Advocates – a 501c4 – ensures the arts are represented on a legislative level.