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        Breaking News: CAC Programs Policy Committee recommends significant changes of long standing programs

        Legislative & Budget Updates

        October 23, 2023 | Eduardo Robles

        The California Arts Council (CAC)  Programs Policy Committee has made their recommendations public in the CAC packet published today in advance of the virtual council meeting on October 25. To read just the committee report, please download here

        Key recommendations include: 

        • CAC Programs limit the size of eligible groups to organizations with budgets under $3 million
        • Limiting SLP funding to those organizations with budgets under $1.5 million
        • Ending the State and Regional Networks as currently configured
        • Implement three pilot programs: Native American Initiative, Emerging Cultural Districts (10), and a Multicultural Anchor Institutions Project
        • Forming an advisory group to design a new Touring and Presenting Program in the future.
        • Integrating the Cultural Pathways Program into Tier 1 of General Operating Support in its next cycle

        While this is a committee recommendation, the council has the final vote on programs. This will be a discussion item at the October 25 meeting with a vote on the programs for 2024 grants at the November 17 meeting.

        CFTA recommends that you read the packet in advance of the meeting and should you like to make your opinion heard on these recommendations please visit this page to submit written comments or to learn how to make a public comment during the meeting.

        We will continue to monitor developments on program recommendations and keep you informed as the council debates and makes their final decisions.

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